Portex Epidural Catheter

Epidural Catheter
• Manufactured from a clear Polyether block amide for optimum clarity, strength and kink resistance.
• Available in various gauges with a choice of distal tip eye geometry.
• Smooth tip forming to minimize trauma during insertion.
• Standard 1cm catheter marking to facilitate accurate catheter positioning.
• Confirmed patency and consistent flow rates achieved through 100% flow testing after manufacture.
• Distal tip mark to aid visual confirmation of complete catheter on removal.
• Pediatric catheters available in 18G or 19G with option of closer helically placed eyes for even distribution of drugs, reducing likelihood of multicompartmental spread of local anesthetic.
• All catheters are supplied with a Luer lock connector.

Clear Catheter Type For use with needle gauge Length Catheter ID Label Catheter Guide Catheter Connector Nominal Diameter mm Product Code
Internal External
16G Closed End 3 Eyes 16G 915mm * * * 0.55 1.03 100/382/116
18G Closed End 3 Eyes 18G 915mm * * * 0.45 0.83 100/382/118


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