Trilogy Evo

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The device features AVAPS-AE, an innovative mode of ventilation designed to help clinicians during titration process, while maintaining comfort and therapy opcimization. This new ventilation mode helps in providing long-term therapy compliance, regardless of changes to the body position, sleep stages and respiratory mechanics.

Consistent therapy in changing environments. More reasons to breathe easy.

Easy-to-learn user interface, configurable to the care environment.

Integrates into electronic medical records and connects wirelessly to the cloud*

Stays with patients as their care settings and needs change.

The most robust and durable device we’ve ever created.

15 hours of battery life, easily mounts on wheelchairs and has a convenient
carrying bag that lets you see the screen and alarms.


Different care settings. Same clinical technology.

Trilogy EV300 and Trilogy Evo were developed specifically for use in their respective environments. They deliver enhanced performance in noninvasive and invasive ventilation, so patients can be treated with a single device through their hospital stay and as they transition home. Both Trilogy EV300 and Trilogy Evo feature Philips proprietary algorithms AVAPS-AE and digital auto-trak, and invasive ventilation is available with single- and dual-limb circuits and leak compensation. Every Trilogy EV300 and Trilogy Evo includes pressure and volume modes and optional SpO2 and CO2

Trilogy EV300 and Trilogy Evo have the same core functionality with the user experience optimized for the care environment.

• Patient experience is the same with every Trilogy EV300 or Trilogy Evo model.
• Easy to use and teach for both hospital and home
• Learn one device and easily operate any device

Whether transitioning from hospital to home, or as your patient’s disease progresses, Trilogy Evo platform of ventilators can provide consistent therapy and a comfortable ventilation experience. 


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