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The device features AVAPS-AE, an innovative mode of ventilation designed to help clinicians during titration process, while maintaining comfort and therapy opcimization. This new ventilation mode helps in providing long-term therapy compliance, regardless of changes to the body position, sleep stages and respiratory mechanics.

SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator

The SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator (POC) has the ability to satisfy patients’ clinical and ambulatory lifestyle needs while providing the ruggedness and reliability that you need.

• At less than half the size and weight of any other Philips Respironics POC, Simply Go Mini is the smallest and lightest POC we’ve ever developed.
• SimplyGo Mini has the highest oxygen output for a POC weighing five pounds or less, delivering nearly 20% more oxygen than the nearest competitive POC at comparable weights (when devices are operated at their maximum settings).

• It is designed and rigorously tested to be reliable and durable in real-world environments, undergoing the same testing regimen as its counterpart, the SimplyGo POC.
• Two battery options are available: a standard battery, with a typical duration of up to 4.5 hours; and an extended battery, with a typical duration of up to 9 hours.

• The intuitive user interface is a LCD touch screen that is easy to use and read.
• A stylish case is comfortable for patients to carry by hand or over the shoulder. For patients who prefer a hands-free way to carry their POC, an optional backpack, specifically designed for SimplyGo Mini, is available.



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