E70 Cough Assist

For those who are unable to cough or effectively clear secretions, deep suctioning is often used to clear the airways. Unfortunately, invasive suction methods can be uncomfortable for the patient and have been linked to complications such ashypoxia, tissue damage and infection.
1The CoughAssist E70 provides an effective,yet remarkably gentle, noninvasive secretion clearance alternative for use in the hospital and at home. It clears airways for longer periods of time than tracheal suctioning, and with fewer complications.
2.More and more scientific societies are specifically recommending the use of mechanical in-exsufflation technique for airway clearance management.

Flexible, customisable loosening and clearing therapy

An effective cough is critical to keep airways clear. Clear airways are critical to ensure proper ventilation and ventilation/perfusion ratio.

The CoughAssist E70 – delivering airway clearance therapy to meet your patient’s needs

Exceptional usability and comfort

• An intuitive colour interface makes it easy to assess treatment and fine-tune device settings to improve therapy efficacy and comfort.
• AC or battery powered, the CoughAssist E70 is a truly portable solution,offering patients increased freedom and support.
• Detachable battery delivers one day of therapy.
• CoughAssist E70, Trilogy Series ventilators and BiPAP A40 share the same detachable battery unit.

Flexibility in delivering therapy

• Three highly customisable therapy modes accommodate different patient conditions, whether for a single patient at home, or for multiple patients treated within the hospital.
• In addition to the traditional Manual and Auto modes, the Advanced Auto Mode increases the airway clearance therapy options.
• The Manual Override capability allows the clinician to quickly switch from Auto to Manual therapy when unexpected clinical situations occur.
• The foot pedal allows the caregiver to manually perform a chest thrust while holding the interface.

Therapy provided by the CoughAssist has beenclinically proven to increasepeak cough expiratoryflows and reduce recurrentrespiratory infections


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